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Using advanced trenchless technology, we offer non-invasive and cost-effective pipe relining and patch repair services that minimise disruptions to the surrounding environment. Our process involves the insertion of durable, corrosion-resistant lining materials into the existing pipes, efficiently sealing holes, cracks, leaks, and preventing further damage. This approach extends the lifespan of the pipelines, enhances water quality, and ensures the reliable delivery of water to our clients' communities.

Our experienced professionals are committed to delivering high-quality workmanship, utilising innovative techniques to rehabilitate pipelines with minimal impact on the surrounding infrastructure. Serving communities, industries, or private entities, our pipeline solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, providing long-term benefits and sustainable water infrastructure solutions.




Austin Gill is a seasoned, and licensed professional in the field of water and wastewater relining, bringing a wealth of expertise and dedication to our team. With an extensive background working in civil construction & civil drainage for over 20 years. Austin's passion for sustainable water infrastructure solutions has played a pivotal role in successfully overseeing and executing numerous water relining projects.


His hands-on experience spans to a wide variety of environments, from urban settings to industrial complexes and council assets showcasing his versatility and ability to adapt to any project that comes to hand. Known for his meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality, Austin ensures that every water relining project he undertakes is executed with precision and efficiency.


His expertise not only lies in the technical aspects of pipeline rehabilitation work but also in fostering collaborative relationships with clients to understand their unique needs and deliver tailored solutions.

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